Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why Cat-Men are Better Companions for Women than Dog-Men

There are men who prefer cats, and men who prefer dogs. I 'm of the opinion that such a bias will shape the relations between a man and a woman, and furthermore, that cat-men (men who’s sympathies lie with cats) make better companions for women than do dog-men. Here is my reasoning:

1) Cat-men learn to gently stroke their cats, while dog-men learn to fondle their dogs. Which would a woman prefer, being gently stroked or fondled?

2) Cats are elusive and mysterious and make little attempt to adapt their behavior to yours so a cat-man has spent many hours observing and wondering about his cat companion's behavior and in the end he will happily accepts as fact that the cat is not totally at his command; so too with his woman consort.

3) Dogs are the sycophantic glad-handers of the pet world. Cats, on the other hand, can take you or leave you and if they had a middle finger they would let remind you...frequently. As a result, a cat-man will not expect his female companion to fawn upon him and be constantly at his beck-and-call.

4) A cat’s coat is soft while a dog’s is rather hard so a dog would rather be patted. So, a cat-man is more likely to apply a soft touch out of habit. And really, how many women enjoy being patted or having a finger inserted in their ear?

5) Cats make high-pitched sounds much like an infant’s cry. Consequently, a cat-man is more in tune to the sounds of a distressed infant and will notice the sound and accept the sound of a crying infant without as much distress.

6) Many dog-men select an expensive purebred dog simply so they can put it on a leash and parade it to induce envy in others. Do women really wish to be treated as trophies? Cat-men, on the other hand, are far less likely to search out a particular breed and readily accept a Heinz-57 variety of cat; they just want love.

7) Cats must be gently coaxed into doing new things while dogs must be restrained from doing whatever they want to do. Hence, a cat-man is relieved when a woman takes the lead while a dog-man may feel a woman needs to be restrained. Which would a woman prefer, a Cat-man who gives his approval of her behavior or a dog-man who feels the need to collar her?

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