Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Insight Into the Character of Rush Limbaugh

Some time ago I had the misfortune of working outdoors while someone, a neighbor, had Rush Limbaugh blaring from the radio. Some people believe they should broadcast their propaganda for all the public to enjoy. He was in full throat and railing about something or other. Fortunately the radio was at such a distance that I could not make out the words but only the tenor of his speech. The literal content was not clear but I could discern the emotional content of what Mr. Limbaugh was saying. For a brief while I was a bit like a dog. Dogs in general cannot understand the words we use unless they are trained to do so, rather they understand the cadence and emotional content. There are people, aphasics, who also cannot understand literally the words we use. Damage to their brains has rendered them unable to understand the literal meaning of words but they can function when around people with whom they are familiar as the tone of those persons voices conveys enough information. I refer you to “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”, by Oliver Sacks.

While I could not understand the words, the emotional content was very clear and what I heard very clearly was the sound of a small child, leveling a long unaired grievance against his parents. It was very plain, very clear and very obnoxious.

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